Quotes: The Mob Boss Is Scarier


"Keaton always said, 'I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of Him.' Well, I do believe in God... and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Söze."
Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects

Bond: I can protect you! Do you understand?! I can protect you!
Cigar Girl: Not from him. (blows herself up)

Yeah, the guy peed himself. Seriously. The Santanas got more "shock n' awe" going on there than we ever could. No use playing The Weakest Link here.
Danny, Blue Bloods ("The Way Out")

"Screwface give me a thousand deaths worse than you. Go find him your-fucking-self." (Jumps out window)

"Anyone see what happened?"
"Of course not. They were all in the bathroom at the time."

"I'm 47. 47 years old. Know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear. The spectacle of fearsome acts. Somebody steals from me: I cut off his hands. He offends me: I cut out his tongue. He rises against me: I cut off his head. Stick it on a pike. Raise it high up so all in the streets can see. That's what preserves the order of things. Fear."

"Look around you: you'll see two councilmen, a union official, a couple off-duty cops, and a judge. Now, I wouldn't have a second's hesitation of blowing your head off right here and right now in front of 'em. Now, that's power you can't buy. That's the power of fear."
Carmine Falcone, Batman Begins

Sullivan: Mr. Ryan asked me personally to make this clear to you. You give us Fontaine, and this whole filthy ring of his, and you'll be knocking back pints up at the Fighting McDonaghs. But if you prefer to play the mule, we'll treat you like a mule... Give him a taste, Patrick... [Timmy is electrocuted] Oh, what's that? Change of heart, Timmy? Timmy? Ready to talk now?
Timmy: Go on, Sullivan... go on and do your dirty! Whatever Ryan thinks he can do to me, Fontaine can do double!

Real Life

“The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.”

"Ronnie Kray, one of the two Kray Twins who basically run organized crime in London, commits the murder he'll finally be sent away for when he walks into the Blind Beggar pub and shoots George Cornell in the head, causing a record of 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine No More' to skip endlessly on the word 'anymore.' Kray would manage to get away with this for three years by virtue of the fact that nobody was actually stupid enough to testify against a man who walked into pubs and shot people dead, this being a sort of tautological behavior. If you have the insane confidence needed to shoot someone in the head in front of numerous witnesses because you believe yourself to be untouchable, you also have the insane confidence needed to actually be untouchable."

"Death Row Records founder (and longtime walking target) Suge Knight was shot multiple times when someone started firing at Fist Brown’s pre-MTV VMAs kiki at 10OAK in West Hollywood...Besides Suge, three other people were shot and one is reportedly in critical condition. I would point out that, in a less ridiculous world, this post would be about the poor bastard who is at death’s door as opposed to big ole’ bullet cozy Suge. But I don’t want Suge to get out of ICU and hang my ass over a balcony."

"The torture was all supervised by doctors. Their role was to ensure that the person who was being tortured didn't die, because they had to be kept alive for the next stage of torture. I asked [a] lawyer at one point, 'Where are the doctors?' He said, 'They're all practicing in Santiago.' And nobody can think of doing anything about this. It's like having Josef Mengele walking around the streets. That's one aspect of it you see, the fear."
Noam Chomsky on the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship of Chile

"I have been to Baghdad a number of times. Being in Iraq is like creeping around inside someone else’s migraine. The fear is so omnipresent you could almost eat it. No one talks."
The BBC Correspondent John Sweeney

"Arkan became an untouchable criminal figure in Belgrade and all of the former Yugoslavia. He was really so powerful, so strong financially that no one could do anything about him...I submitted a report to the police. The police inspectors came to see me. We talked about it. I gave them all the information I had, but then the police inspector told me that they were aware of it but that they were unable to prove it because of the fear among the potential witnesses. So the police were quite well-informed about his criminal activities, but it was very hard to prove anything or to bring charges because his support network was so widespread, and this can be shown through various newspaper articles and so on. In one television statement, I told him when we were debating on TV, that he had pulled a sock over his head more often than I had pulled one on my feet."
Vojislav Šešelj on Serbian warlord Željko "Arkan" Ražnatović

"The economic and business elite is just in horror. Any sign of rebellion and they’ll be brought to their knees."
Igor Bunin on Russian President Vladimir Putin