Quotes / The Immodest Orgasm

"You're not allowed to be loud at the library,
At the art museum, or at a play—
But when you and your partner
Are doin' the nasty,
Don't behave like you're at the ballet!"
Avenue Q, "You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When You're Making Love)"

"There is nothing like sounds my wife makes when she is in bed with her lover."
Anonymous cuckold

"Oh Dirk," moaned Camille as she writhed nakedly on the bed. "Yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS!"
"Wait up," shouted Dirk. "I'm still in the bathroom!"
Dave Barry, "Dude, Read All About It!"

"Our sex life has been ruined by the arrival of our first baby. We can't be so spontaneous because we don't want the nanny to hear us. We can't scream and yell like we used to."

He took her there on the carpet before his throne.
The castle shook with the throes of their pleasure.
And the cries of her consummation shattered windows all over the structure.

Asuka: HOLY FUCK! Sweet merciful! Don’t… do… don’t… holy SHIT! Oh wow… oh wow… oh fuck! Fuck Shinji, you keep this up and sex will be a let down!
Shinji: I doubt that. It will just be one more appendage to work with.
Asuka: Oh God! Oh God, you’re a fucking octopus already! Oh sweet Khorne take me now!