Quotes / The Alcatraz

The prison on Mimas was staffed by men and women who had been totally mind-scrubbed and then given an education consisting of nothing but security protocols, interrogation techniques and utter hatred of the inmates. They were at a reduced risk of corruption because there was less of a mind to be corrupted.

Bloom: The Hoag ain't just a prison.
Smecker: WRONG! That's exactly what it is. Just a prison. A prison run by men. And men, as you and I both know, are fallible.

ďIím going to pull in every favor Iím owed, and put myself in debt with the local D.A. and whoever else I have to, to get you both sent to the Birdcage. You know what that place is like? A prison without wardens. No communication with the outside world. No escapes yet, which is pretty amazing considering it houses all of the worst and most powerful villains weíve been able to capture. We donít even know for sure if anyoneís alive inside there. Itís just a bucket where we dump scum like you, so we never have to worry about you again.
Glory Girl, Worm