->''"[[GoshDangItToHeck Asterisks!]]"''
-->-- '''VideoGame/{{Sam|AndMaxFreelancePolice}}''', ''VideoGame/PokerNight2''

->''"I don't much like hearing those kinds of typographic symbols when there is a lady present!"''
-->-- ''ComicBook/TomorrowStories''

->''"&$#%! You lucky ^$#^$!"''
-->-- '''Barret Wallace''', ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII''

->'''Millie:''' ... I '''really''' hope you've just been memorizing characters off the keyboard.\\
'''Timulty:''' ... 'Course. What did '''you''' think it was?
-->-- ''Webcomic/{{Ozy and Millie}}''

->'''Sam:''' Percent sign ampersand dollar sign!\\
'''Max:''' And colon semi-colon too!\\
'''Psychic:''' What are you &#*ing doing?\\
'''Sam:''' Swearing in longhand, asterisk-mouth.
-->-- ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxHitTheRoad''

->'''Kaine''': "%&*#$)+%+^#?@!"
->'''Weiss''': "What the hell does '%&*#$)+%+^#?@' even mean?"
-->-- ''VideoGame/{{NieR}}''