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Fuck it, this had better be important, as in 'your father needs a kidney and you're the only match in the family,' important. If not someone was going to need one after I finished kicking it.
"Who the hell is it, and what the hell do you want?" I growled into the phone. I'm, as you may have guessed, not at my best in the morning.
"Your father is in the hospital, he needs a kidney, and you're the only match in the family," said my soon to in need of a kidney herself friend, Lander.
I Am NOT Your Mate, You Ass!

Lois: Listen up, everybody. It's time for spring cleaning.
Peter, Chris, Meg and Brian: Spring cleaning? Aw, not again! (surprised) That was weird. Boy, that was weird too.
Meg: Mom, I can't clean. I have stuff to do.
Lois: Sweetheart, we all know that you don't have any stuff to do. Now I don't wanna hear any more excuses from anyone.
Peter, Chris, Meg and Brian: Aw crap, we did it again! (long pause) Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Family Guy, "Fore Father"

"You like that, it's a callback to something I didn't even hear! In. Your. Face. Logic."
Dr.Hienz Doofenshmirtz, Lampshading the trope after four and a half seasons of abusing it.

Gavin: So I like that it's two dudes in towels...
Michael: Yep.
Gavin: ...two fat weird dudes...
Michael: Yep.
Gavin: ...and two, I'm guessing, abominations.
Michael: Yep! You're not completely wrong!
—''Achievement Hunter's Gavin Free and Michael Jones discussing their custom characters in Let's Play WWE2K14 after the fifth intro with Michael's to come.

Victor: If [Doctor Doctor] turns that thing on, we're done for!
Doctor Doctor: [to her henchmen] Turn that thing on!
Victor: [defeated] We're done for.