Quotes / Star Trek: Voyager

"We were looking for a way to make the ratings soar
So we orchestrated an encounter with the Borg
Normally you'd think that that would get us into shit,
But this one has a smashing ass and lovely set of tits!"
Voltaire, "The U.S.S. Make Shit Up"

Space: The final marketing ploy.

These are the continuing voyages of the starship Voyager.

I'm Captain Janeway — and every other captain got an opening narration, except for me and the black guy. Yeahhhh. Is it because we can grow our hair out naturally, you prejudiced dickholes?
Doug Walker, Star Trek: Voyager With Lyrics

I would erase 'Twisted'. What the hell was that? And the one with the lizards, too. I’ve forgotten the title — blissfully. It was the one in which Robbie becomes a lizard and I become a lizard and we have lizard babies.
Kate Mulgrew on "Threshold"

If you take some mind altering substance and watch that episode I'm telling you you'll appreciate it!
Robert Duncan McNeil on "Threshold"

The first Star Trek movie that I saw was Generations... And since then I've seen a few Next Generation episodes that I liked, and a couple of Deep Space Nine. I'm waiting for a good Voyager episode. I hope one comes up soon.
Robert Beltran on his Star Trek: Voyager experience

Voyager was a show conceived in feminist or at least pro-woman terms. Conceived by a woman writer-producer, Jeri Taylor, along with Michael Piller, Voyager was the first Trek series with a woman Captain. Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) was an interesting mixture of Kirk-style heroics, nurturing, maternal sensitivity, and thoughtfully enquiring scientific curiosity (Janeway is a scientist as well as a Captain; unfortunately, this aspect of her persona was downplayed in later years). Whereas Voyager had a strong female Captain, Janeway and several other strong women characters, Enterprise features two female characters who represent two sides of the debased woman in patriarchy, the tough woman denounced by hostile males and the fumbling, wan hysteric.

Despite her loss, Seven of Nine is congratulated by the promoter for popping the ratings and being, as a hated Borg, such a great foreign heel. No, I’m not making this up, minus the wrestling jargon.

Tuvok is ranting and throwing papers about in frustration. I believe this scene was inspired by Robert Beltran reading his script once.
SFDebris on "Endgame"

The only damage that the ship suffers is that Janeway’s hair falls out of its bun.
Doc Oho on "The Swarm"

The bridge is on fire, allowing Sulu to step theatrically through a plume of smoke to make his big entrance. However, when Excelsior reappears immediately following Kirk’s rescue in The Undiscovered Country, the bridge still looks new and fresh. There is no evidence of massive damage or destruction. Of course, this is Voyager. It seems to take about five minutes to recover that "new starship smell" after nearly apocalyptic damage.
Darren Mooney on "Flashback"

To prepare for this recap, I (along with my family) watched a few Voyager episodes from different seasons. And even in the early season one episodes, there seemed to already be a pattern in place in terms of plot. Namely: there's some problem that threatens the ship at the beginning of the episode. The problem may be external, or something caused by the crew of Voyager itself. A healthy amount of time is spent with various permutations of technobabble phrases, until eventually the right combination is spoken.
The Agony Booth, "The Fight"

Janeway: Guess I've lost track of the time.
Chakotay: Well, this should help. (presents pocket-watch)
Janeway: It's beautiful.
Chakotay: Nineteenth century, mechanical movement. It's a replica of the chronometer worn by Captain Cray of the British Navy, His ship was hit by a typhoon in the Pacific. Everyone back in England thought they were killed, but eight months later Cray sailed his ship into London harbour. There wasn't much left of it, a few planks, half a sail... but he got his crew home.
—"Year of Hell"

Janeway: On Telsian law. I think it's only fair that we let our guest know what to expect.
Tuvok: The Telsian criminal justice system is rather barbaric.
Janeway: Tell her about the prisons.
Tuvok: Barely habitable. Inmates often die of malnutrition before they are brought to trial. Torture is commonplace, as is disease, including several incurable forms of psoriasis.
—"Live Fast and Prosper"

Janeway: "Psoriasis"?
Tuvok: Improvisation is not foremost among my talents.
Janeway: Considering I caught you off guard, I thought your performance was exemplary.
Tuvok: Thank you, Captain. Was your order to call the Telsians part of the deception or did you actually want me to contact them?
Janeway: Not yet. Let's give Dala some time to think about those "barbaric prisons."
—"Live Fast and Prosper"