Quotes / Spirit Advisor

[Mufasa's spirit shows up in the clouds]
Mufasa: Vegeta.
Vegeta: Mufasa?!
Mufasa: You are a tool.
Ducktalez 7

"The barrier was not made to be broken."
Victor Pascow, Pet Sematary

"You know the trope?
In storytelling it's a norm.
When a person's in trouble
A manifestation of their subconscious appears in the form
Of a Dream Ghost!
Giving advice you kinda already knew!
I'm a Dream Ghost!
I'm really just your mind working things through!
It's not clear if I'm hallucinated
Or actually magic.
Let's leave it vague, it's more interesting that way.
I'm gonna take you on a journey through time and space.
And in the end you realize
You knew the answer all along
Honestly, it's a bit of a waste
To be a Dream Ghost!"