->'''Dan''': Ever since we were kids, my mom always made me walk Johnny to school first day every year, and every year, I'd walk him to the wrong school. Hehe! --Just 'cause.\\
'''Dr. Cox''': Boy, that's a great story, really. And I'm sure you're just a ''horrible'' big brother.\\
'''Dan:''' [smiles in mock humility] [[InsultBackfire Well...]]
-->--''{{Series/Scrubs}}'', "my Brother, Where Art Thou?"

->''Even she, when she was with her sharpest tongue, had called him Loki Cowardson more often than not, drawing a chuckle from Fandral and a bemused head shake from Volstagg each time she had done so. Thor often told her to save her bite for the battlefield in such moments - [[HypocriticalHeartwarming for he was always as quick to shield his brother as he was to jab his own taunts.]] But, such was the way of siblings.''
-->--'''Narration''', "[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7157014/1/steel_in_your_hand Steel in Your Hand]], a ''Film/{{Thor}}'' fanfic

->'''Dante''': (While pointing his gun at Virgil) I guess this is what they call a heartfelt family reunion.
->'''Vergil''': (Partly draws his katana) You got that right!
-->--''[[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Devil May Cry 3]]''