Quotes: Show Some Leg

Rose: Are the words 'distract the guard' heading in my general direction?
Captain Jack: I don't think that's such a good idea.
Rose: Don't worry, I can handle it.
Jack: Ah, I've gotten to know Algy quite well since I've been town. Trust me - you're not his type. I'll distract him. Don't wait up.
— "The Doctor Dances", Doctor Who

Amy: Aw, he's jealous because I passed my test first time.
Rory: You cheated, you wore a skirt!
Amy: I didn't wear a skirt.
Rory: That would've worked too...
Amy: No, no, I did wear a skirt, but it was any old skirt.
Rory: You ever see Amy drive, Doctor?
Doctor: No.
Rory: Neither did her driving examiner.

Show a guy a little tail and you can sell 'im a box of burnt gravel.

Calvert: Now listen. You've got to distract the guard.
Sue: How?
Calvert: Guess. (starts to unlace Sue's blouse) Don't! (blocks her slap) ...do that.
Sue: Well what do you expect?!
Calvert: Look, you're a very nice girl but the last thing I need is that, especially on a staircase.
Sue: What do I do?
Calvert: Just appear and lust will do the rest.
Sue: What if he doesn't fancy me?
Calvert: Well that's all we need — a guard that's queer!
When Eight Bells Toll (1971)