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Quotes: Shown Their Work
"Amateur writers love to precede their own prose with quotations."

"You know, concussions are actually a serious, traumatic neurological-injury. It’s not like in the movies where you can just hit somebody in the head and have them pass out just for the sake of a plot device."
Scootaloo, Scootatrap

"The geology and stones of Dwarf Fortress are based on real-world geology and mineralogy. To understand the terms used here, you may want to crack open a geology textbook (a high school one should suffice). If you don't happen to have one close by, the Wikipedia articles for geology, mineralogy, or the terms in question might help."
The Dwarf Fortress Wiki

"Is there a gun in your story? Do you feel a need to mention the exact make and model of the gun? The gun may be too important to your story."
Leonard Richardson

"Well, folks, I hope you're ready for the patented Tom Batiuk brand of Comedepression™ to take on the thrilling world of comic book collecting, because it's going to happen whether you want it to or not...this one is far and away my favorite because of how Holly appears to age about fifteen years in two panels. Seriously, it's like learning about collecting comics is the equivalent of the Nazis opening the Ark of the Covenant.

As someone who worked in comics retail for six years, I can confirm this is accurate."
Chris Sims on Funky Winkerbean

"To get it right, you need to research and research and research. And then you need to hide all your research, otherwise something else happens. You get sentences like, 'Milord, would you like me to light the sperm whale oil lantern or would you prefer the cheaper but smokier pig tallow candle?' You burst into laughter and — puff! — the illusion is gone. So you have to get it right, then you have to hide it."
David Mitchell (the author of Cloud Atlas, not the comedian)

"P.S.: To explain that, my amazement and respect for Elaine first came when I was reading ELFSHADOW while working on the CITY OF SPLENDORS boxed set. The fact that you can follow a certain chase sequence accurately on the Waterdeep map astounded me to no end, given how few authors at that time bothered to read (let alone adhere to) the game source material."
Steven Schend on Elaine Cunningham's attention to Forgotten Realms lore (it's actually in Elfsong, but the point stays).

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