Quotes / Sensory Abuse

fans of 'not getting physical harmed' might be interested in skipping this one

The entire screen swarms with terrible special effects throughout the song number, with everything from four dust-trailing video screens floating around to fourteen dust-trailing video screens floating around. Total epilepsy stuff. By the time they tried to give each of the two dozen dancing extras their own star wipes, my eyes were as black as Ken's heart when he dumped the bitch in `04.
X-Entertainment, on the "Dance Club Barbie" dance performance in the 1989 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

There are plenty of shows that have shown me worse things on screen, but this show has the worst visuals, period, on the standard that the nightmares notwithstanding, even the worst shows that I've seen before now would not have caused me physical pain. And keep in mind that I watched a few episodes to pick the ripest fish in the barrel. I literally could only watch one a day, because my eyes were watering by the time it was done, and I had a migraine. Like, I was already going nearsighted before I watched this show; I don't want to know what this is going to do to my vision overall.
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, on The Problem Solverz. He was diagnosed with myopia weeks later; if the show didn't cause it, it certainly exacerbated it.