Quotes / Sea Monster

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    Fan Works 

"...an almost globular torso, with six long sinuous limbs terminating in crab-like claws. From the upper end a subsidiary globe bulged forward bubble-like; its triangle of three staring, fishy eyes, its foot-long and evidently flexible proboscis, and a distended lateral system analogous to gills, suggested that it was a head."
— description of sea-dwelling monster Amaliel, Children of an Elder God, chapter 4

    Tabletop Games 

Something huge and sentient beneath the seas built a mighty black reef to wreck passing ships, so it could drag the crews down and feel their lives ebbing away beneath the world. It did this because it wanted the world to suffer.

    Western Animation 

Up from the depths
30 stories high!
Breathing fire, his head in the sky!
And Godzooky!
Opening Theme, ''The Godzilla Power Hour