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Quotes: Scenery Gorn
I emerged onto a landscape destroyed: The husks of old, burnt out cars littered a broken highway, the distant skyline was populated only by the crumbling shells of what I assumed were once gleaming skyscrapers, and the air itself was the ruddy color of worn concrete. No birds chirped, no animals stirred; it was a world completely devoid of life.
“Jesus, I wound up in Baltimore.”
Robert Brockway on waking up in the dystopian future (though he doesn't know it yet).

Who did the landscaping here, Dracula?
Ozzy providing commentary on Hector's nightmares.

Zaphod: I can just slouch about, taking a look at the local scenery...
Gargravarr: Have you seen the local scenery?
A blast door grinds open, wind howls mournfully
Zaphod: Ah. Okay. Well, I'll just slouch about then...

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