Quotes / Scandalgate

Webb: That must be the biggest scandal since Watergategate.
Mitchell: Watergategate? Isn't it just Watergate?
Webb: No, that would mean it was just about water. No, it was a scandal or "gate" — add the suffix '-gate', that's what you do with a scandal — involving the Watergate Hotel. So it was called the Watergate scandal, or Watergategate.''

"I vote for this whole blown call debacle to be dubbed 'The Golden Mistake.' But, some genius is going to go with 'Golden Gate.'"
— Some guy from Muncie, IN, as posted on Grantland after the infamous reception by Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate against the Green Bay Packers on September 24, 2012.context 

"How did Memogate get a 'gate'? How did Nipplegate get a 'gate'? We invaded a country with the wrong information, and Janet Jackson's tit got a 'gate'. Who gives out the 'gates'? Is there a 'Gate'-gate? Is there a, a... I mean, it's absolute... We're living in insanity!"
Jon Stewart