Quotes / Robo Ship

Sarah Jane: Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?
Rose: Yeah, yeah, he does! I'm like, "Do you two want to be alone?"
Doctor Who, two companions discuss the Doctor's one true love

"Look at you. Oh, you sexy thing."
The Eleventh Doctor to the TARDIS, not exactly dispelling the above impression

The Doctor: (utterly delighted) She's a woman...and she's also the TARDIS!
Amy: Did you wish really hard?
Doctor Who again, when the spirit of the TARDIS is transferred into a human woman

Shepard: I notice you're calling EDI "her" and "she" now. [...] I think you're taking the human-machine interface a little far.
Joker: I'm just havin' a little fun with ya, Commander. No need to go all "Unnatural!" on me.
EDI: What Jeff and I are exhibiting is more a platonic symbiosis than hormonally-induced courtship behavior.
Joker: Okay, yeah, that was a little creepy.