Quotes / Ripped from the Headlines

Codemasters, there's art imitating life, and then there's just plain copying it.
SCXCR, regarding Heatseeker on PS2

"They've got a real ripped-from-the-headlines thing going on here, or maybe more like ripped-from-the-headlines-then-severely-beaten-and-killed. Still, wouldn't it have been kick-ass if Ollie North (here represented by Col. Stuart, 'the guy that got canned by Congress') had started up a rogue mercenary group after he was kicked out of the military, or if Noriega (represented by Gen. Ramon Esperanza, dictator of the extremely non-existent Republic of Valverde) did single-handedly hijack the plane that brought him to America for extradition? Wouldn't the news fucking rock if shit like that happened in the real world?"