-> ''Diabetus and {{LetsPlay/slowbeef}}, "[[LetsPlay Let's Players]]" (people who play video games and [[{{MST}} comment over them]], [=MST3K=]-style) branch out into making fun of bad video-game style videos, and bad video games. It's like a [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 mysterious show about science and theaters]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial and totally not a ripoff of any of that.]]''
-->-- '''[[http://blip.tv/slowbeef#ShowDescription The blip.tv description]]'''

->''We bring you grate video content from aroundthe Webb straight into the Website/YouTube in your home! A collection of video game designers were happy to oblight when we saw hour games [[LetsPlay Lets Played]]!''\\
''We hire only the best in audiography engineer and comedy heuristics to dub over {{Lets Play}}. Together these combinate into only the best of forces. [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil ONLY YOU Can sTOP PIRACy]]! That was [[LetsPlay Lets Play]] is?''\\
''Yes, sir or Madame.''\\
''Consider these words from Retsuprae Vice President Shuguro: "I approve of the job." Please enjoy our videos and buy more video games, [[ThePowerOfLove only love can conquer them]].''\\
-->-- '''[[IntentionalEngrishForFunny The former YouTube channel description]]'''

->''We do videos or something.''
-->-- '''The current Website/YouTube channel description'''