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Quotes: Rescued from the Scrappy Heap
One of the explicit goals we established early in our writing process was that we wanted to make Jar Jar's character likeable. So many people have such a low regard for Jar Jar as a character that we really wanted to turn that on its head and make him an entertaining and fun character in the comic. It was an enormous challenge, and we feared it might be too much of a mountain to climb, but we tried it anyway. We humbly hope that we've succeeded on some level.
In the movie, the other characters actually like Jar Jar (or at least put up with him, in the case of Qui-Gon), while the audience dislikes him. Here we want the audience to like Jar Jar (and Sally). It's interesting that one way to achieve that is to have him (her) annoy the other characters.
David Morgan-Mar, Darths & Droids #34 commentary

"When Lois first came on the show, she was absolutely redundant and exploitative of the fan base, something drawn in to make us watch. As the show changed, she evolved. Her journey through this show is the sole redeeming consistent quality, which startles me.

There were many times where she would do something ridiculously stupid because of bad writing, like become a stripper, go to a fetish club in leather, etc. I saw that for what it was, bad TV trying to get ratings from the fact that Erica Durance is one of the hottest gals on the planet. Through it all, however, her writing, her character, they GOT it. I'm not sure how. Though her snarky quips were often peppered with bad Smallville dialogue, her evolution came to be the most believable thing on it, and I can see her trip from a petulant teen to a grown woman reporter clearly now, after six years... Character-wise, she learns, she makes mistakes, she grows, and at the end of the show is a reasonably responsible person and a wonderful counterpoint for the dumb-as-Clark Clark.

I am sad I will not see this character again in this medium."
Neal Bailey on Smallville

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