Quotes: Red Scare

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Liberty Prime, Fallout 3

If you haven't found any communists in your backyard, you aren't looking hard enough!
Book Chute, Fallout: New Vegas

Roy Cohn: You wanna test me? See how fast I can pull the chain and flush you. You want to see your name on a list? "Are you now, or have you ever been...?"
Dales: What are you talking about? I'm no communist.
Cohn: You are if I say you are.
The X-Files, "Travelers"

Merton: Communist America. This is like one of those Red Scare movies Chuck Norris made during the 80s, only without the paper-thin villain spouting clichéd commands—
Supreme Commisar: SILENCE, CAPITALIST PIGS! (Merton rolls his eyes)
Big Wolf on Campus, "Commie Dawkins"

Yes! Whenever bicycles are broken, or menaced by International Communism, Bicycle Repair Man is ready! Ready to smash the communists, wipe them up, and shove them off the face of the earth... Mash that dirty red scum, kick 'em in the teeth where it hurts. Kill! Kill! Kill! The filthy bastard commies, I hate 'em! I hate 'em! Aaargh! Aaargh!

    real life 
At the height of Sinatra's popular fame as a singer he made a short documentary called The House I Live In. This was 1947; he won an Academy Award for the song, whose lyrics were a straightforward plea for tolerance than neither cloyed nor bored...In the course of the next eight years, Congress' Un-American Activities Committee, in its Index of 'Communists', named The House I Live In twelve times while The New York Times, forever up to no good, in its Index for 1949 published a cross-reference: 'Sinatra, Frank: See U.S.—Espionage'...In due course, he was called before a Congressional committee on the Mafia. They got nowhere. Nowhere to go. Nowhere for him, either. He became a Reagan Republican. But then no Democratic President asked him to perform at the White House. It was sly old Nixon, whose House committee had smeared him, who asked Sinatra to perform 'The House I Live In'.

Were the Junior Senator from Wisconsin in the pay of the Communists he could not have done a better job for them.
Sen. Ralph Flanders (R-VT)

The real issues are whether the power of Western Civilization, as God has permitted it to flower in our own beloved lands, shall defy and defeat Communism; whether the rule of men who shoot their prisoners, enslave their citizens, and deride the dignity of man, shall displace the rule of those to whom the individual and his individual rights are sacred; whether we are to survive with God's hand to guide and lead us, or to perish in the dead existence of a Godless world.
General Matthew Ridgway, Korea, 1951

We hear about constitutional rights, free speech and the free press. Every time I hear those words I say to myself, 'That man is a Red, that man is a Communist.' You never heard a real American talk in that manner.
Frank Hague, mayor of Jersey City, 1938

"Hi faggot. You are leftist leech, you suck Noam Chomsky's dick, you commie faggot."

I don’t wanna brag, but I sorta called it before he was elected and I was on O’Reilly and I said he was a communist. I got a lot of hate mail, but I got some that said I was 'prescient,' which means 'a prophet.'
Victoria Jackson on Barack Obama

And it reminds me so much of the summer that I was an exchange student in the Soviet Union back in the Seventies and I was shocked when they were saying "no, the children don't belong to parents, they belong to the state." And if any parent said anything in front of their children negative about the wonderful Soviet Union, then we will take their children away and give them to somebody more deserving. And I just thought how horribly shocking that was, that of course parents were the ones who love the children, not the state. And I thought thank God that we don't have that in our country...it just sent chills because it took me back to the Seventies when that's what the Soviet Union used to say and we know how well that worked out.
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on his opposition to sex education

I absolutely unironically love the way the collective assholes of the world have collapsed on 'social justice warr~iors (come out to pla~aay!) as their catch-all insult for those damn dirty commie liberal hippie bastards. And it’s not just because I’m a lover of campy 70s action flicks (though I am [CAAAAN YOUUU DIG IT?!?]). Nor is it because it is the most honest any of these fuckers have ever been in their goddamn life (rambling on like a Captain Planet villain about how they are against those glorious do-gooders and their caring about justice).