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Quotes: Ragnar Lodbrok and His Sons
In these raids they strove against every town which was strong, and they fought so that none could prevail against them.
Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok

They killed every manís child who was in the town, and they took all the goods and burnt the town before they went on their way.
Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok

By then they had broken nearly every town and every castle in all the Southern Kingdom, and they were then so famous in all that region that there was no child, however young, that did not know their names. Then they planned not to let up until they had come to Rome, because that town was then both very mighty and full of men, and famous and rich.
Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok

The sons of Lodbrok went raiding in many lands: England, Wales, France and out over Lombardy. But it's said the furthest they got was when they took the town of Luni. And one time they thought of going to Rome and taking that. And their warrings have become the most famous in all the northlands where Norse is spoken.
Tale of Ragnar's Sons

Sigurd Snake-in-Eye and Bjorn Ironside and Hvitserk had raided widely in France. Then Bjorn headed back home to his kingdom. After that, the Emperor Arnulf fought with the brothers, and a hundred thousand Danes and Norwegians fell there.
Tale of Ragnar's Sons

And then when the sons of Ragnar had all given up their lives, their troops who had assisted them were dispersed far and wide, and all of them who had been with the sons of Ragnar thought that there was no worth in other princes.
Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok

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