->''"It's all kind of like if Creator/TimBurton knocked up Creator/DavidLynch in [[TheWonka Willy Wonka's]] [[Literature/CharlieAndTheChocolateFactory Chocolate Factory]] and [[ThisIsYourPremiseOnDrugs he did meth right up until the birth]].\\
I'm just going to list out of context some of the things that occur in Psychonauts: a telekinetic bear; a dentist who harvests brains; a sequence wherein you become a giant Godzilla style monster and terrorize a society of talking fish; and a shadowy trench-coated government agent who disguises himself as a housewife by brandishing a rolling pin and talking disjointedly about pies."''
-->--'''Ben "Yahztee" Crowshaw''', ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkmBPtglbDs Review]] of ''Psychonauts''

->'''Dr. Loboto:''' ''The problem lies here... in the part of the body what we doctors call...'' the brain. ''I hate to be blunt, but you, my boy, have the'' insanity ''of a'' manatee''!''\\
'''Dogen:''' ''I know, doctor. People keep telling me that. What do you think's the matter with me?''\\
'''Dr. Loboto:''' ''How should'' I ''know? I'm a'' dentist! ''But here's what I do know: if the tooth is bad, we pull it!''

->'''Hulking Lungfish:''' ''You have earned the right to call me by my true name, the one given to me by my people.''\\
'''Raz:''' ''And what name is that, O noble lake creature?''\\
'''Hulking Lungfish: ''[[SamusIsAGirl Liiiiiiiiiindaaaaaaaaaa.]]'''''\\
''[descends into the lake]''\\
'''Raz:''' ''Wow. What a magical lady!''

->''[[GogglesDoNothing "What is the purpose of the goggles?"]]''
-->--The '''MIB''' cross-examining '''Raz''' in the MilkmanConspiracy.

->''"Now I shall pluck out your eyes!"''\\
''"Ha, you can't! ''That'' is the purpose of the goggles!"''
-->--'''Raz''' clarifies things for the level's boss (the [[spoiler: Rainbow Squirt's Den Mother]] in case you were wondering.)

->'''Razputin:''' They may come for me, Dogen, but they'll be looking for Raz, the boy. What they're going to find, what they don't expect, is Raz, the Psychonaut.\\
'''Dogen:''' And, and, and then you'll [[YourHeadASplode make their heads explode?]]\\
'''Raz:''' No! Do you do that?\\
'''Dogen:''' No! Well... [[NoodleIncident Once, kind of.]]
-->--'''Dogen''', giving us another reason to be concerned.

->'''Crispin''': ''So, if I'm not mistaken,'' '''you're not Dr. Loboto, and you don't pay my salary, so kindly back away from my elevator and die.''' ''Thank you, sir.''

->'''Raz:''' That's in case you were thinking about getting up again, tree.

->'''Dingo:''' Gimme a G!\\
'''Lampita:''' G!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme an O!\\
'''Lampita:''' O!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme a B!\\
'''Lampita:''' B!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme a U!\\
'''Lampita:''' U!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme an L!\\
'''Lampita:''' L!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme another L!\\
'''Lampita:''' L!\\
'''Dingo:''' Gimme an S!\\
'''Lampita:''' S!\\
'''Dingo:''' What does that spell?\\
'''Dingo and Lampita:''' GO BULLS! Yaaaaay!

->''Well here I am...at the top of an abandoned insane asylum...wearing a straight jacket...talking to myself.''