Quotes / Planet of Steves

"Steve, Steve and I have something to tell you."

"We are the Rare Hunters. My name is Steve. These are my associates. They are also called Steve."

"Scott, Scott, Jennifer, Scott, Scott, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer, Scott, Scott, Jennifer, Jennifer ..."
— Caption on a kindergarten class photo, c. 1980

Bruce 1: Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a chap from Pommyland who's joining us this year here in the Philosophy Department of the University of Woolloomooloo. Michael Baldwin, Bruce; Michael Baldwin, Bruce; Michael Baldwin, Bruce.
Bruce 2: Is your name not Bruce?
Michael: No, it's Michael.
Bruce 3: That's going to cause a little confusion.
Bruce 4: Mind if we call you Bruce to keep it clear?

"hOI!! im temmie!!! and dis is my friend...temmie!!!"
Temmie, Undertale