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Quotes: Once per Episode
"Shh.. It's the episode where he learns a life lesson and writes about it in his journal!"

Kirk gets his requisite opportunity to stare dreamily at the Enterprise, which this time is framed beautifully against the moon. It’s really funny that they put one of these Kirk/Enterprise scenes in every movie, just to remind us that the ship is Kirk’s one true love.

On the other hand, the original prototype of this scene—Kirk staring dreamily at the
Enterprise aboard the shuttle with Scotty early on in Star Trek I—took up about a quarter of the total running time of that movie, so I’m surprised they didn’t think they’d already nailed this idea down. And yet, here they are still doing it. Heck, even Chris Pine gets a shot at the Enterprise Stare, sitting on his motorcycle as he ponders enlisting in Starfleet. (Though I suspect he was probably wondering, “Why are they building a starship in Iowa?”)

"Perhaps the saddest thing about "Threshold's" presence on our list is that its problems are just an exaggeration of Voyager's biggest problems. Technobabble! Genetic idiocy! A fundamental misunderstanding of science both in general ideas as well as in specific terms! Absurd dialogue! Pointless meandering! Even a "Will They Get Home?!" plot thrown in for good measure!"
SFDebris, "Worst of the Worst"

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