Quotes: Once per Episode

"Shh.. It's the episode where he learns a life lesson and writes about it in his journal!"

"There's an old episode of What's Happening!! where Roger fucks up, and his mom decides to beat his ass (this is actually the plot of every episode of What's Happening!!)."

"Kirk gets his requisite opportunity to stare dreamily at the Enterprise, which this time is framed beautifully against the moon. It’s really funny that they put one of these Kirk/Enterprise scenes in every movie, just to remind us that the ship is Kirk’s one true love.

On the other hand, the original prototype of this scene—Kirk staring dreamily at the
Enterprise aboard the shuttle with Scotty early on in Star Trek I—took up about a quarter of the total running time of that movie, so I’m surprised they didn’t think they’d already nailed this idea down. And yet, here they are still doing it. Heck, even Chris Pine gets a shot at the Enterprise Stare, sitting on his motorcycle as he ponders enlisting in Starfleet."

"Although the series used this sort of direct 'nothing you watched mattered' reset button slightly less than most critics would have you believe, the show still fell back on it far too often. It’s fascinating that the show has resorted to it on only the second episode following the pilot. Start as you mean to go on, indeed. In fact, between this and Parallax, we’ve already seen foreshadowing of Voyager‘s fascination with time travel, duplication, generic planets of the week, strange anomalies of the week, its lack of interest in long-form storytelling and the reset button."
Darren Mooney on Star Trek: Voyager, "Time and Again"