Quotes / Not Helping Your Case

Kokoa: I'm sorry, Gin. I didn't mean to hurt her so badly.
Felucia: You were chasing me in the halls to slaughter her in your rage. To an observer, it would seem like you were trying to kill her.

Kuzco: Whoa, take it easy!
Malina: (stressing out) Take it easy!? Who's not taking it easy!? Not me, that's for sure!I am definitely! TAKING IT!
(film stops; Kuzco steps in front of the frame)
Kuzco: Hey there. You know, I've been known to "take it easy" now and again. You might even say I'm something of an expert. So maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think Malina here is "taking it easy". I mean, look at the signs. Bulgy eyes, flary nostrils, scary teeth. She kinda looks like Pacha does when I use his poncho as a bath towel. (shows a picture of an angry Pacha to illustrate his point) See? Yeah. Yep, I definitely say Malina's upset, but only one way to find out for sure: let Kronk ask her!
(Kuzco steps out of the frame; film resumes)
Malina: EASY!!!
The Emperor's New School, "Girls Behaving Oddly"