Quotes: Never Tell Me the Odds

Adam Savage: Okay, so I was off on my percentages. I gave what happened here a 30% chance of happening.
Camerawoman: 20%.
Adam: No, thirty.
(Cut to flashback of Adam predicting odds of 70%, 20% and 10%.)
Adam: No, that wasn't me, that was somebody else...I said 50, 40, 10.
(Replay flashback)

Jarvis: "Sir, at 15% power the odds of reaching that altitude are-"
Tony Stark: "I know the math! Do it!"

Mikoto: Without the Program Drive, the probability of success is only 32.5%!
Entouji: If we support it from here, the probability could rise to 60%...
Hyuuma: That means that if each of us pilots adds 10% from our guts, it'll be 100%!

Nia: The possibility is extremely close to zero...
Simon: But it's not zero percent. In my case that's as good as 100 percent!

"The chance of success for this mission was 0%, but I can see theoretical calculations don't mean anything to you people."
Lordgenome's Head, also Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Nogg: Ugh. Martina, please don't tell me that was your plan.
Martina: I wouldn't advise thinking about the odds.
Nogg: There are no odds to think about! If you do this, the probability of our deaths is inevitable.
Martina: Then it might be best not to think about inevitability.

"This had better be some defense," Luke commented as they left the bridge and headed back down the portside corridor. "Especially when we're talking maybe forty-to-one odds."

Han shook his head. "Never tell me the odds," he admonished the other, glancing at his chrono. It could be any time now. "Besides, you never know when the odds are going to change."
—Chapter 27 of Dark Force Rising

"If you enjoyed laughing in the face of death, you might like to have a crack at High Saffron. One hundred merits, and all you have to do is take a look."
"I understand there's a one hundred percent fatality rate?"
"True. But up until the moment of death there was a one hundred percent
survival rate. Really, I shouldn't let anything as meaningless as statistics put you off."

Bunty: The chances of us getting out of here are about a million to one!
Ginger: Then there's still a chance.