Quotes / My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels

"Oxens are in my bed. Many, many oxen."
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theorynote 

Ganner Rhysode (in Yuuzhan Vong disguise) Pol dwag, kane a bar. [(phrase unknown), dung of a rotting meat maggot]
Yuuzhan Vong: Kanabar? [Low-caste person]
Ganner: Dwi, kane a bar! [Yes, dung of a rotting meat maggot]
Yuuzhan Vong: Yadag dakl, ignot! [(Meaning unknown, but certainly an angry response)]

Douglas: Can you speak Italian, Jen?
Jen: A tutti piace l'odore dei gatti.note 
Douglas: Very impressive!
Jen: I ragni.note 

Dominic: Rusty? Okay, say "Hi, my name is Donovan Deegan" in Orcish
Donovan: Fruit. My name is little pink man who wears pink. note 
Dominic Deegan, and one of his father's better attempts at speaking the Orcish language.

Waseem: (reading the message) I will be wearing a white shirt and— See this word here? It's a kind of spicy goat cheese.
Michael: My Urdu's a little rusty. I was trying to say "black pants".
Waseem: Well, at least you got the name of the restaurant right.

"Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your nose was a herring so I can eat it, and also your wings sound like sharks snoring."
Tsunami communicating underwater, Wings of Fire