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Quotes: Monster Mash
"...So I'm stuck hangin' out with her weird-ass friends, nothing much in common but I try to pretend
This one dude, he's just a creepy-ass nuisance, wears a cape and talks with an accent, overdoin' it
But at least he's better than that big dude in her crew, 'cause he doesn't say a thing, just grunts and stumbles through
I mean, I get along fine with that other guy there, but man, I wish he didn't keep sheddin' all that hair
But the night is lookin' beautiful, a full moon is out, and I'm glad that she and I are gonna go out on the town..."
Adam Warrock, 'Zombie Girl"

There's a bat they call Lestat
Who will sink his teeth in you
You might meet a creature
From the swampy black lagoon
And if the moon is full
You might meet the
Don't go by the riverside
You'll be sorry if you do!
Voltaire, "Don't Go By The River"

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