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Quotes: Mix-and-Match Weapon
"Well, I could hit you with the wrench end, or stab you with the knife end. Knifewrench! For Kids!"
The Janitor, Scrubs

...I'm pretty sure the creative process behind making (the weapons) boils down to taking a preexisting weapon, putting a gun in it, followed by the phrase "Cause Why The Fuck Not?" Just from what we've seen we have a rapier that can use magic and shoot ice and other shit - "Cause Why The Fuck Not?", a red death scythe that doubles up as a massive fifty-cal sniper rifle - "Cause Why The Fuck Not?", swords that can be shot and gauntlets that fire shotgun bullets - "Cause Why The Fuck Not?" and finally a baseball bat that fires grenades and can also be used as a bazooka. So, with this in mind I suspect the weapon of the final villain will be a lightsaber that is also a gun that shoots more guns that doubles up as a bazooka that can transform into an Apache helicopter. And, if that turns out not to be the case, well get on it Monty! "Cause Why The Fuck Not?"

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