-> I am Justice!
-->-- ''Light [[spoiler: and L]]'', '''Manga/{{Death Note}}'''

->''"Look at us. Look at what they make you give."''
-->--'''Jason Bourne''' to the Blackbriar assassin, ''Film/TheBourneUltimatum''

->''"Being part of something special'' makes ''you special!"''
-->-- '''[[Series/{{Glee}} Rachel Berry]]''', ''Pilot''

->''"Being part of something special doesn't make you special. Something is special because'' you ''are part of it."''
-->-- '''Rachel Berry''', ''[[GrandFinale Dreams Come True]]''

->''"So if you care to find me,\\
Look to the Western sky!\\
Like someone told me lately,\\
Everyone deserves a chance to fly!"''
-->--'''Elphaba''', ''Theater/{{Wicked}}''

->''"It's okay to be afraid."''
-->-- '''Steven''' to '''Lars''', later '''Lars''' to himself, ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse''