Quotes / Male Frontal Nudity

"Rock out, rock out,
With your cock out,
Impress your lady friends!"
Motörhead, "Rock Out"

"The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up."

"To me, the coolest thing about having a boyfriend is that you can just stare at his naked body and not have to look away out of politeness. I find the male form so fascinating"
Dana Delany

"I think male nudity is wonderful."
Sandra Dee

"I thoroughly enjoy seeing a beautifully proportioned nude male. So did Michelangelo and Rodin. But if the male is blubbery, he should keep his beer barrel to himself and not be a portly polluter."
June Lockhart

Danny Nooonan: Guess I'm a little overdressed.
Lacey Underall: Depends on what's underneath.