Quotes / Lucky Revenant

Precisely! And that's why it's a very bad idea to fuck with a Marine. They're not even afraid of kicking the ass of an abstract concept! All in a day's work.
Lucky Revenant on the Marines

"He's like a big ol' teddy bear you wanna squeeze 'till you can't squeeze no more but not really because then he'd die and that's bad."
Lucky Revenant, about Lee4hmz

"I was almost named after Zorak."
Lucky Revenant

"I've thought about it and decided that today was not Thanksgiving."
Lucky Revenant

"Foul language sends little babies that hear it to Hell. Didn't you know that?"
Lucky Revenant on profanity

"Only on TV Tropes can you find a thread that will in one post have someone talking about garlic, and then in the very next post someone say both 'Clit' and 'penis'."
Lucky Revenant

"No, Lucky, you're better than that. Be more open minded!
Lucky Revenant on melloncollie's Perverse Sexual Lust

""You'd make a good dictator, I think."
Lucky Revenant to Hilarity Ensues

I think this song is the three little pigs if they were a mind virus.

"These symbols. They mean nothing to me. Nothing."

"I only have ever salsa danced with a very handsome black man that I never want to see again."
Lucky Revenant sharing information with his fellow forum members.

"Kat, you should go to bed. Or my teeth will get you! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

"I'm not entirely sure what bombastically confident is. Is it a venereal disease? Do I have it? Oh shit, how do I tell my lovers?"

"Time Glitch"
Lucky Revenant's description of that thing threads do sometimes.

"Here's a reason people shouldn't have sex with fish: Fish can't give consent. Therefore, it's statutory rape to fuck a fish."

"Singular "they" is beautiful and amazing and more correct than anything else"

"So, I'm listening to This Town Needs Guns. Recorded live. By someone's camera or something. It's terrible quality. But I still fucking love it.
This shows how much I want to make love to their music. Even when it's skanky, I still want to be part of it. That's not something I can say about any woman."

I love it when we spin things.

"Coffee is the sperm of Satan. I think."

I suddenly want an empanada with crab.
but really just regular empanadas would do.
Actually, I'm pretty sure crab doesn't go in empanadas. Under any circumstancse.
I just really want a motherfuckin empanada.

I would fucking kill someone for a corndog.

Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be an easy ride my whole time in college. Particularly because I'm like a sponge: I absorb a lot of information, but I can't really squeeze myself because I lack arms because I'm a sponge.

Sexy never left.
I've always been right here, baby.

I believe I have only ever said the awesome.
—Lucky, making...sense? No.