Quotes / Let Them Die Happy

[The two are inside the ship, where it starts to blow up, causing many sparks]
Bias: What's this?
Gush: They're fireworks. They're fireworks to celebrate the success of lord Bias' world domination!
Bias: Oh, I see. How wonderful. [starts to hear the voices of his fallen minions] Gush? Can you hear it? Those voices?
Gush: Yes. All of humanity is cheering for you, lord Bias. Viva Bias!

Isane: How cruel. Why say that when he has no intention of sparing [Rukia's friends]?
Unohana: It's actually not cruelty, Isane. It's kindness.
Isane: What do you mean by that, Captain Unohana?
Unohana: Her fate is unavoidable, but now with the Head Captain's promise she won't need to worry about her friends. So she will at least die with some peace of mind.
— On Yamamoto granting Rukia's final request to spare her friends, Bleach

"I had to tell her they were on their way, I go "They just called and they said they were on their way, Hon." That's what I said, I told her they were comin' so that at least she died thinkin' her sons were on their way."
Patsy, Perfect Pie