Quotes / Killer Robot

"Crush! Kill! Destroy!"
Killer Android IDAK Alpha 12, Lost in Space

John: Jesus, you were gonna kill that guy.
John: ...You just can't go around killing people.
Terminator: Why?

"No, HK-47, you are not to throw grenades at or near civilians."

"Carl is as sane as any AI construct recently discovering access to a lethal peripheral."
Minionbot, Vexxarr

In the first class there was Robot-as-Menace. I don't have to explain that overmuch. Such stories were a mixture of "clank-clank" and "aarghh" and "There are some things man was not meant to know." After a while they palled dreadfully and I couldn't stand them.
Isaac Asimov, The Complete Robot

"One of the best parts of this episode was Professor Xs explanation of the Sentinels as being the enemies that bothered him the most, because they were the one foe whose mind he could never change. I've always loved the Sentinels (giant racist robots getting killed is always rad), but Id never thought of it that way that theyre hardwired to hate, and that the X-Men can convince people to give up on bigotry and hatred, but they can never reprogram robots."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Courage"

"We do not experience fear, but we do understand how it affects you.
Legion, Mass Effect 2

CABAL: The probability of a favorable outcome can be increased if we can return to your main base and engage the enemy as we move.
Slavik: Define 'favorable outcome', CABAL.
CABAL: They all die.
Slavik: That'll do.

Emet, Evolve