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Quotes: It Has Been an Honor
"Look. Boss. I'm not sure I'm going to get another chance to say this. Or...Hell. You know what I mean. So. Whatever happens. It was good being your raven. Really. I mean... It was good being your friend."
Matthew, The Sandman, "The Kindly Ones"

Horatio Hornblower: Archie... I'm honoured to have served with you.
Archie Kennedy: And I to have known you. See? Better already. (dies)
Horatio Hornblower: My dear friend.
Horatio Hornblower, "Retribution"

“Whatever God wants is fine by me… I’ve had the very best life. I have tasted beauty.”
— Scatman John's final words

"This is it, Warden. 'When from the blood of battle the Stone has fed, let the heroes prevail and the blighters lie dead.' As one of the blighters, I sodding salute you. Let us show them our hearts, and then show them theirs."
Oghren, Dragon Age: Origins

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