Quotes: In the Back

"You shot me in the back! I haven't made you...angry, have I?"
Malcom Reynolds, Serenity

Odo: You'd shoot a man in the back, Garak?
Garak: It's the safest way, isn't it?

Michael Parkinson: Well, I mean, much was made of the fact that [Angus Deayton] was sacked, and the suggestion was that you and Ian stabbed him in the back...
Paul Merton: Well, we stabbed him in the front!

"Your standard CHR fight. Some guy attacks, and the person attacked moves behind that guy. If it's a REALLY dramatic fight, the guy who got moved behind will move behind the guy who moved behind him!"

"Right behind you."
Red Spy, Team Fortress 2, "Meet the Spy"

The young among us will happily chirp out "THOR!" when asked about the gods of war, but a proper warrior, the sort who won't do something as stupid as bleed out in a shield wall when he's supposed to have your back... that man will smile and talk of Loki. ... Thor booms at you like a huge fucking arrogant asshole, but Loki will step up behind you while you're chatting up some maid and dig out your kidney with a trowel. The concept of "Striking the enemy where he isn't." Cheating, other people like to call it. Typically the dead ones.

"You should learn to shoot people in the back. You'd find it safer."
Full Moon Killer, The Punisher War Zone #39

Billy Ray Smith: You just shot that man in the back!
Van Leek: His back was to me.
Van Leek: Damn, boy! You shot him in the back.
Billy Ray Smith: Well, his back was to me.
Van Leek: Oh, yeah. I forgot.
El Diablo