Quotes: Improbably Female Cast

""If a smash hit has mostly male characters, nobody raises an eyebrow, but if it has mostly female characters, it's a Great Big Anomaly worth several trees' worth of stunned speculation."
— Sarah Morayati, author of the Interactive Fiction Broken Legs, in an interview for the online SPAG (Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games) site.

NJ: Can we hire a male this time?
Trawn: Why?
NJ: Well, come on - except for Torro, all you ever hire are girls! And it seems like every new person we MEET is a girl! ALL THE TIME! I need co-workers to RELATE to! I'm drowning in estrogen over here!
Trawn: Eh...I think we need a better reason than that...
Electric Wonderland, "Valentine's Day Massacre"