Quotes / Ikaruga

"Now when you play Ikaruga, you can either play for shooting game, chain, or you can play Dot Eater. So basically you can hold on the fire button, you can hold on the fire button in the exact order Treasure wants you to, or you can not hold on the fire button."

"Alas, the Ikaruga departs.
What could make those people move,
Who were secluded against their will?
This is probably none other than
The very basic will to live".
Chapter 1 "Ideal"

"The more stubborn your own will is,
The more Trials you will be blessed with.
Of course, if you can avoid the Trials before your eyes,
It is also possible for you to flee them.
But the real purpose of a Trial
Is to make your soul stronger."
Chapter 2 "Trial"

"In this world there is nothing absolute,
One may someday feel unsure
And sometimes even feel lost.
In order to overcome this
One must have a strong Faith
And know how to take action."
Chapter 3 "Faith"

"And then Reality reared it's ugly head.
What did you seek...
What did you see...
What did you hear...
What did you think...
What did you do..."
Chapter 4 "Reality"

"And then the Karma will go back
To the will it belonged to before,
And will shake awake the First One,
The first conscious being still present
At the deepest corner of one's memories.
And so, the Ikaruga departs..."
Chapter 5 "Metempsychosis"

"I am the One who allows you to live.
I told you to seek to walk down the right path...
Are you telling me you don't understand this?"

"You can't feel what you see...
But you can feel what you don't see.
Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

"You are aware of this, too, aren't you?
Until the very end of Time, you won't ever escape this Metempsychosis"
Horai Tenro