Trivia / Ikaruga



  • Ikaruga is the first Treasure video game to have an official "Superplay" video produced for it.
  • The primary game mechanics of Ikaruga hail from Treasure's earlier games: the chaining system is a modified version of the one used in Radiant Silvergun, while its Reverse Polarity mechanic was first utilized in Platform Game Silhouette Mirage.
  • The in-house development team consisted of five people:
    • Hiroshi Iuchi — lead game designer, background designer, and music composer; is also the director of Radiant Silvergun
    • Atsutomo Nakagawa — main programmer
    • Yasushi Suzuki — illustrator and character designer; is also the lead artist of Sin and Punishment
    • Satoshi Murata — sound effects creator and edited the game's background music data
    • Masato Maegawa — executive producer; also Treasure's founder and Chief Executive Officer
    • Further support was provided by employees of G.rev, the developer of Border Down and Senko no Ronde
  • As a result of Theme Naming, the etymology of the names of all ships in the game are:
    • Ikaruga → Japanese Grosbeak
    • Ginkei → Lady Amherst's Pheasant
    • Toratsugumi → White's Thrush
    • Utatsugumi → Song Thrush
    • Renjaku → Japanese Waxwing
    • Torafuzuku → Long-Eared Owl
    • Ajisashi → Common Tern
    • Ikusa -> Common Crossbill
    • Misosazai → Winter Wren
    • Toki → Crested Ibis
    • Shigi → Sandpiper
    • Chougenbou → Common Kestrel
    • Eboshidori → Knysna Turaco
    • Bupposo → Oriental Dollarbird
    • Uzura → Japanese Quail
    • Misago → Osprey
    • Tageri → Northern Lapwing