Quotes / Hummer Dinger

"The first thing we noticed when the Hummer arrived is that it filled the driveway. The second thing we noticed is that it fills the lane of the highway, too. The Hummer is 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall."
Chicago Tribune auto writer Jim Mateba, describing Dennis Rodman's Hummer

"The 4x4 was never intended as a status symbol, but later incarnations of my design seem to be intended for that purpose. I find the people who use it as such deeply unattractive. Sadly, the 4x4 has become an alternative to a Mercedes or BMW for the pompous, self-important driver. To use the 4x4 for the school run, or even in cities or towns at all, is completely stupid."
Charles Spencer "Spen" King, chief engineer of the Range Rover SUV

Brian: Look at all these Hummers. What kinda jerk would drive one of those?
Hummer Driver: Dude, this car kicks ass! And I can watch Madagascar while I'm driving! Ha ha ha! Dude, those animals are so fucking funny they make me wanma merge without looking!! (explosion) YEAH! RUMSFELD!

"The Bison used to be the pick-up truck of choice for farmers and construction workers until Bravado realized they could double the price and market it to emasculated urban types desperate to feel like men again."
—Description of the Bravado Bison on southernsanandreassuperautos.com, Grand Theft Auto V