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Quotes: Humiliation Conga
And it's so rich!
And it's so rare!
To take his shirt, his shoes, his jewelry
And then we'll thin his hair!
Oh, we'll emasculate him slowly
All the better to enjoy
How delicious, to humiliate the boy!

First he stopped touching me, then he confined me to the kitchen, and now I'm just a piece of furniture for him to rest his feet on, while his new favorites suck his cock. I must admit, I even miss his cock in my ass and his whip on my back.
Peter's mother, Fansadox #253 Birthday Gift 7

She's not the girl you think she is, so let me tell you plainly.
There's thick black hair between her toes, and her real name isn't Blaineley! (Hey!)
She's a phony scheming weasel-nose, and her real name isn't Blaineley! (Hey!)
She steals and lies and she's evil, bros, and her real name isn't Blaineleeey!
Crushed and broken beneath the body of a small, naked child...yep, I think I'm done here.

"You CHEAP LITTLE ROTTER! I've been run over by a car, forced to drive a gimp shopping cart, threatened by your gestapo security guards, had me head set on fire, I was attacked by wild lobsters, beaten by a very large woman, had me dog wrapped in plastic, nearly starved to death, and I still made the 12:00 deadline. So if you don't change that total back to a dollar fifty, I WILL DO SOMETHING NOT NICE!
Rocko's Modern Life, "Rocko's Happy Sack"

''"We got through Max's dyslexia. And Carmen having to switch schools. Your uncle dying. My parents getting a divorce. Your father throwing you in jail. The garage burning down. Why does everything happen to us!? Are we cursed!? Did you cut off a voodoo priest in traffic!?"
Anglie Lopez, The George Lopez Show

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