Quotes: Heads Tails Edge

"I'm going to flip this copy of Super Mario Advance: Yoshi's Island. *beat* It landed on its corner..."

"But suppose you throw a coin enough times...suppose one day, it lands on its edge."

Rabbi: You throw a coin. Heads means: The British Empire will win the war. Tails: The Soviet Union will win.
Hitler: And what if the coin lands on its edge?
Rabbi: Oh, then France will win.
Hitler (throwing a fit): That's all that can happen?!?
Rabbi: Of course not. It could happen that G-D does a miracle and makes the coin stay in the air. - Then, Czechoslovakia will win.
World War II era joke

Dilbert: "Call it."
Ratbert: "Edge."
Dilbert: "...That is just a coincidence."
Ratbert: "I call edge for the next 99 too."
Dilbert attempting to refute his rat's claims of Psychic Powers