Quotes / Great Mazinger

Tetsuya: "I… I have not collaborated with Mazinger Z! If I would have done it… nothing of this would have happened!"

Tetsuya: "Jun was a very special person to me! GUILLOTINE KICK!"

Tetsuya: "That's right... It's fine if you tell me... to fight... I'll keep answering with the same answer... MAZIN GO..."

Jun: "If you think wish upon a star would help, think again. Even when you wish, some wishes just won't come true. Shiro, it's no good if you don't stay determined and independent, you know. You won't become a strong person if you keep relying on us."

Jun: "How it is possible the Mazinger army can’t beat them? And... and they are only a few Mykene Monster Warriors!"

Jun: "I’m not into that kind of tasteless junk. Men waiting on you hand and foot… Give me a break."

Kenzo Kabuto: "He’s crying. My son is… My son…! Kouji Kabuto…!"

Ankoku Daishogun: "There is no forgiveness to those make a mistake and let four comrades perish!"

Ankoku Daishogun: "All I need is a heroic song to let me endures the tortures of Hell!"

Psychoveia: "I suppose you'd be Boss. You'll have the world in your hands if you defeat Tetsuya Tsurugi... For that purpose, you must kill him!"
Boss: "But, isn't that a bit too harsh..."
Psychoveia: "Fool! You'll do anything for the world, won't you? Kill Tetsuya Tsurugi, and the curse shall be gone... and Boss Borot shall be the best robot on Earth..."

Vindel Mauser: You were raised to fight since you were a child! For you, the war ending right now be like a death sentence. Why do you fight!?
Tetsuya: Because Jun and I are enough.
Jun: Tetsuya...!
Tetsuya: I've fought to become someone who can take risks. That's why! Can you do the same, Vindel Mauser?!