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Tear Jerker: Great Mazinger
  • In one of the final episodes, Sayaka wants go to fight, but Professor Yumi tries talking her out of it, reasoning Diana A is too weak to fight, and he does not want jeopardizing his daughter's life. Professor Yumi had been a somewhat distant father throughout Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, but every so often he showed he truly cared for his daughter. This was one of those times.
  • Professor Kabuto begs Kouji as he is dying treating Tetsuya like his brother. Kouji, instead of asking him why he is leaving him AGAIN, vows doing so.
  • After Professor Kabuto's death, Tetsuya is berating himself, thinking it's all my fault (he is right), and he vows he will never again feel petty jealousy as Jun watches over him.
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