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"For the record, Ive made a quote page for be because he's a big faggot, so you can repost that there if you'd like."

"I'm glad nobody bothers to quote me, because I say some stupid shit sometimes. Like right now."

- Grog asking Parable to make an avatar

Rhyming on a whim just fills me with glee
But rhyming requires some Vitamin C
Therefore, right now I wish I had an orange
This poem is fucked.
Grog's quatrain skills are lacking

"Wow. I don't know about you guys, but nothing whets my appetite like staring at an older woman's ass crack."

"I kinda wish I just had something else to default to other than boobs."

"Well, I'm not going to bed immediately, of course.
I think I need some practice with male anatomy, actually.

So, apparently the aesop of the day is that pretending to be a lesbian on the internet never leads to anything good."

"My beard grew a penis."

"With great funk comes great responsibility." Talking about these glasses.

"My butt hurts."

I felt very AND NOT A SINGLE FUCK WAS GIVEN walking through it without my coat."

"Now I'm wondering what it'd be like to push little bits of liquorice in my ass. This is a pretty good indicator that I should be sleeping now."

"Let the gay commence."
On Heterosexual Life-Partners saying hello to each other.

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