Quotes / Good Republic, Evil Empire

Pierre's official line on domestic policy is much more palatable to the Solly establishment than a monarchy is. Never mind that we've got a participating democracy, as well, and the Peeps don't. Or that the official Peep line bears about as much resemblance to reality as I do to an HD heart-throb! They're a 'republic,' and we're a 'kingdom,' and any good oatmeal-brained Solly ideologue knows 'republics' are good guys and 'kingdoms' are bad guys!
William Alexander, Echoes of Honor

You can have the most brutal muderous society internally but it wouldn't be a threat outside. Through history, there has been no correlation between the internal freedom of a society and its violence and aggression abroad. For example, England was the freest country in the world in the 19th Century, yet in India they acted like the Nazis did. The United States is, politically...the most open and freest society in the world and it also has the record for the record for the most brutal violence and aggression in the world. Now these things are just uncorrelated.
Noam Chomsky, explaining why this trope is not necessarily true.

The idea that, under the pretext that a country is democratic, its citizens, after an internal debate, can legitimately decide to bomb the citizens of another country is an idea that will end up killing democracy.
Emmanuel Todd