Quotes / Glory Seeker

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

They find the closest enemy and try to cut them up with swords. Madness. Just madness. Just so there can be something to carve on the cathedrals and put in children's stories.
Lord General Xarius on the Space Marines, Warhammer 40,000

There's no contract to sign, no oath to swear. The enlistment procedure is to unsheathe your sword and point it at the enemy.
—Flavor text for the Magic: The Gathering card Glory Seeker

There is no road of flowers leading to glory
Jean de La Fontaine

"Me, a warrior. Finally, a chance to be part of something important. A chance to use my sword... my arm... and maybe, even my blood..."
Pippin, speaking over a mounting drum roll in Pippin

You can tell Iím lying, huh? Thatís awesome. So youíll know Iím telling the truth when I say your team hate your guts. They know you care more about rising from your position as the seventh most prominent member of the Protectorate than you do about them or the city.
Tattletale explains the downside of this trope to Armsmaster, Worm

Killing equals honor.
Glorion, Journeyquest