Quotes / Explosive Leash

"We put an explosive charge in your head. Does that sound familiar?"
Owen Davian, Mission: Impossible III

Brian: Could I at least tell my wife?
Boss: The Bomb says no, Brian.
Penny Arcade on how the development of Starcraft II stayed a secret

Coyote: I see you don't have the tooth I gave you.
Annie: No, I left it in my room.
Coyote: Hmm, good, good. Show me your right hand. [puts a bind on her wrist] If you tell anyone on the forest about the tooth, even Ysengrin, this bind will snip off your hand. Do you understand?
Annie: Wh-I, but...
Coyote: Good.
Gunnerkrigg Court, chapter 31, "Fire Spike"

"Are you listening? Good. From now on, when I talk, listen! And follow my instructions. Play stupid, play clever, make the mistake of saying "no"? That collar on your neck'll go off and take your head with it."
Father Elijah, Fallout: New Vegas

Lincoln: You're making me wear a suicide vest?
Coulson: No. "Suicide" implies you'll be the one in control. [hands remote to May]
Lincoln: So it's a murder vest.

"Do you know what Primacord is, Jimmy? (wraps a piece of wire around Jimmy's son, Ricky) This is Primacord, and this (shows a remote) is a Dead Man Switch."
Gibbs to Jimmy Napolitano, NCIS, The Bone Yard

We were under no circumstances to allow ourselves to be taken alive, and the decision wasn't up to us. One special pulse from the battle computer, and that speck of plutonium in your powerplant would fizz with all of 0.01 percent efficiency and you'd be nothing but a rapidly expanding, very hot plasma.

Vila: [Fiddles with Blake's neckband] I can't do it, Blake.
Blake: Keep trying.
Vila: Look, there are two ways to set this thing off. One is that control box they all carry—
Avon: Microwave transmitter. Just point it in the direction of the neckband and press the button.
Vila: The other way is to force the lock —
Blake: You're not going to force it, are you?!
Vila: And if I get it wrong: bang, no head!
Blake: I trust you.
Vila: And if it blows up and I'm right behind you...
Blake: That's why I trust you.
Blake's 7, "Bounty"