Quotes / Eek, a Mouse!!

Garfield: What's your name, mouse?
Mouse: Oh, gee. I don't think I have a name.
Garfield: Oh, come on, what do people say when they meet you?
Mouse: My name is Eek!

Jue Seeno: I hate being mistaken for a rodent. A mouse. Should you ever hear someone refer to me by that name, skewer him! *Beat* At the very least, persuade him he is mistaken.
Bardon: And if the mistaken person is a young girl who leaps to stand on a chair as you pass, should I skewer her?

Cordy: So, whose turn is it to set the traps?
Wesley / Gunn: (pointing at each other) His.
Cordy: You guys amaze me. You'll fight hell-beasts, but you're scared of rats.
Gunn: Man, I hate rats. With their little beady eyes...
Wesley: ...and their beady teeth.
Gunn: And their little tails all woosh, woosh.

In a picture book I read, it plainly said,
"A mouse can give an elephant a scare."
So, I let a little mouse out at the circus
Gosh! The elephants were scattered everywhere!
Little Lulu, "I'm Just Curious"