Quotes / Died in Your Arms Tonight

Hey you, don't you think it's kind of cute
That I died right inside your arms tonight,
That I'm fine, even after I have died,
Because it was in your arms I died?
Mother Mother, "Arms Tonite"

I'll sleep in your embrace at last.
Eponine, Les MisÚrables

My best friend just died in my arms, didn't he?

"Don't say anything, Jim. Just hold me. I wanted to live in your arms, but it wasn't meant to be. So let me die in them. It's the only happiness I'll ever know now."
Georgina dying a melodramatic but imaginary death in Dream Girl

Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms.
John Denver, "Annie's Song".

Dying in your arms. Happy now?
The Master, Doctor Who, "Last of the Time Lords"

He died as he lived; draped in the arms of another man.
Tristan Taylor, referring to Maximillion Pegasus, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Eyes, look your last!
Arms, take your last embrace!
And, lips, oh you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss a dateless bargain to engrossing death!
Romeo, Romeo and Juliet

I see the white puff of smoke from the rifle
I feel the bullet go deep in my chest
From out of nowhere Feleena has found me
Kissing my cheek as she kneels by my side
Cradled by two loving arms that I'll die for
One little kiss and Feleena, goodbye
Marty Robbins, "El Paso"