Quotes / Dead Man Writing

You’re the strongest warrior there is, and I know my death won’t slow you down. If anything, you put the head of what killed me on a spike!

That the acolyte was already dead hadn't deterred Prakordian - in fact, it made things easier, for a dead man had few defences. Sorcery had forced the lips to open and speak, condemning the tattered lungs to draw breath and the pulped brain to remember. On the stone floor of the temple, the forest of chains sighing above and the torn banners still smouldering, Prakordian had forced out the truth.

"I'm Yul Brynner and I'm dead now." — I'm sitting there, thinking, what the fuck is he selling?

"If you're reading this, boy, either I'm dead or you're more like me than I thought. If it's the latter, turn around very slowly and pray Kasumi goes easy on you.
Since you're still reading, it looks like I'm dead. Damn."